Monday, May 3, 2010

Everyday Life

As I sat down to write this week's blog, I wracked my brain for something interesting to share with you. However, the past two weeks have actually been just normal, everyday life. When I mentioned to Miss Patti that I had no idea what to write since nothing really exciting or interesting had happened lately, she told me, "Missionary life is not always fun and exciting;" and then encouraged me to write something about my everyday life here. As I thought about her advice, I was reminded of a time about two months ago when my mom (a former missionary herself) told me almost the exact same thing when I was again having trouble thinking of something really amazing to write about. Considering they are two of the wisest women I know, I figured I should take their advice.

My everyday life really tends to revolve around people. I am part of a couple different discipleship studies - one Bible study and two connect groups - I meet twice weekly with my tutor, meet weekly with another girl for Spanish/English lessons, Wednesday night church service, worship practices, and that's only during the week. Add in youth group on Saturday nights and church Sunday mornings and I would say it's safe to say I'm no hermit. =) And I really enjoy every moment I spend with these people. I think some of my favorite times in the week are worship practices and the discipleship studies.

Tuesday nights we have worship practice that tends to go anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. I enjoy it for a number of different reasons. 1. We use that time not only to practice the songs for the upcoming Sunday and learn new songs, but also just to worship God. 2. It's one of the few times throughout the week that I am able to play the piano. 3. Learning those Spanish songs actually has really helped me with my Spanish. It teaches me things like correct grammar and sentence structure, and it sometimes even helps me to learn words if it is a song I know in English.

Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings I have Discipleship Bible studies. I really enjoy being a part of these because not only do I get a lot out of them, but I love seeing how hungry the other women are for the things of God. It's so amazing to witness God moving through Spain, touching the people and drawing them to Him. I have learned so much from my times with those women. Things such as what it really means to hunger and thirst after God. They've shown me Psalms 42:1 in action; "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, oh God."

Praise reports:
  • I have officially made my decision on where to go to college: Gordon College in Wenham, MA. It was my top choice college and I'm so excited and thankful to be able to attend there. I will be studying Linguistics.
  • I have been offered a full time summer job! Just a week ago I started thinking about whether or not I should get one, and how I would go about getting one since I'm here in Spain. I prayed about it and left it in God's hands. The next morning I had an email from an old acquaintance asking me to nanny for her full time this summer. God is so good!
Prayer requests:
  • Some kind of virus has been going around and we've all caught it. Thank God, we're mostly better and recovered now, but please pray for continued and complete healing.
  • My uncle (whom I mentioned before in a previous post) has cancer. He's back in a treatment center after being in remission for about a month and they just found another lump. He'll be having a CAT scan sometime tomorrow to find out if it's more cancer. Please pray God's healing and His peace and will over this whole situation.
Dios te bendiga,
~ Grace

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